Frequently Asked Questions

What is Needle-Free Injection Technology (NFIT)?

How does the Needle Free Injection Technology work?

Needle Free Injection Technology (NFIT) forces liquid medication at high speed and pressure through an orifice smaller than the diameter of a human hair. The resulting ultra fine    stream of fluid penetrates the skin without a needle and almost without any pain.

Have these devices been cleared by US FDA and CE?

Yes, these devices have been cleared by FDA and CE.

What does the injection feel like?

When properly administrated by trained professional, most patients feel a sensation. There has never been a reported case of major pain.

Is there any pain associated with needle-free injections?

When properly administered, small sensation is usually experienced.

What type of injection can the needle-free injection technology provide?

It can provide three types of injections: Intramuscular (IM), Subcutaneous (SC) and Intra-dermal (ID).

Can the NFIT be applied for intravenous (IV) use?

No. The NFIT is not used for intravenous application.

Does pressure from the device remain same for all types of injection (IM, SC, & ID)?

Yes, the pressure from the device remains the same.

How do you determine the injection depths?

The injection depths are determined by the types of syringes associated with specific orifice diameters. These syringes will accurately deliver the injection to the desired depths (ID, SC, IM).

Are the needle-free syringes re-usable?

WHO has recommended all syringes be made disposable after each use.  Biojector® 2000 syringes are recommended for single use while syringes for ZetaJet™ are designed with auto-disable features making them impossible for re-use.

Are there different types of syringes for the NFIT devices?

Yes, the Biojector® 2000 has 6 types of syringes enabling wide variety of applications. ZetaJet™ has 3 types of syringes accommodating various uses.

Can the syringe draw medicine from ampoule?

Yes they can be modified to draw medicine from ampoules.

How does the NFIT associate with the pre-filled syringe?

Trained professionals can easily show how medicine from pre-filled syringes can be transferred and delivered through NFIT devices.

Is there a specific way of administering injection with NFIT devices?

Yes, training by certified professionals ensures proper delivery of injection with NFIT devices.

What will happen if the administrator selects an improper site of injection?

Improper site selection may lead to bruising, bleeding, pain, numbness, or swelling.

Why should the shot be administered at a 90 degree angle to the patient’s skin?

The needle-free injection device must be held at a 90° angle to the patient’s injectable are failure to do this may result in skin laceration/bruise at the injection site.

Can the device be self-administered?

Yes, with proper training it can be self-administered.

Is there any warranty and what does it cover?

Biojector® 2000: One year warranty or 120,000 shots, whichever comes first. For ZetaJet™: One year warranty or 15,000 shots, whichever comes first.

What happens after the warranty expires?

Device will be replaced according to the terms of agreement.

Will the training be available if used at home?

Yes, training will be provided for home use as well.

Who will provide training?

Certified trainers will provide training.

How long does it take to be properly trained?

Depending on the individual, it may take 3-5 hours that will include theoretical, practical, and certification exam.

Can anyone be trained?

Yes, any educated person, including independent users, health and medical professionals, researchers and a wide range of clients can be easily trained.