What is Telemedicine?

Telemedicine involves the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide primary healthcare and diagnostic services remotely in distant and inaccessible areas when a physician cannot be physically present.

Our Simple Electronic Bio Information and Knowledge Administration (SEBIKA) Telemed Healthcart helps to eliminate distance barriers and provide access to medical services in rural communities.

iHealthNet has started its SEBIKA initiative in 2012 to conceive, develop, sell and implement solutions to key health care challenges facing emerging economies around the world. The vast and unique capacities offered through telemedicine as key components of its solutions, allowing the company to successfully address challenges for which affordable, practical solutions have historically been unavailable. A major aspect of iHealthNet’s work is the innovative and strategic use of affordable telemedicine equipment and proprietary software solutions provided through branded primary care clinics that provide remote access to physician care throughout the rural developing world where doctors are generally not present.

iHealthNet solution is designed to give all patients access to high quality primary healthcare services regardless of their ability to pay. While iHealthNet’s operating models differ according to nations’ needs and available resources, iHealthNet prefers to approach the delivery of its services within a public-private partnership framework in which private social entrepreneurs operate telemedicine centers where patient fees, medical supplies, physician services, and broadband connectivity fees are, to varying degrees, supported by government agencies.

In this booming technology driven world, the growth in telemedicine is constant. In the past few years, the telemedicine has grown into substantial business not only in the developed world but also quickly finding its foothold in developing world.