The ZetaJet™ needle-free injection system consists of two components: a portable spring-powered injector and an “auto-disabling” disposable syringe (which prevents re-use of the syringe and thus eliminates the risk of cross-contamination). With its low cost (no external power supply), enhanced longevity, reliability, and elimination of cross-contamination, the ZetaJet™ is particularly well suited for both developed and developing nations. It is intended for use by both professional healthcare workers and patients who self-inject.


  • Ability to deliver to all three injection depths: Intramuscular, subcutaneous or intradermal*.
  • Injection volumes ranging from 0.1 ml to 0.5 ml.
  • ZetaJet’s molded exterior can be customized by providing a multitude of ergonomic options to achieve specific attributes for different clinical or branding applications.
  • Eliminate needle-phobia thereby enhancing patient experience.
  • Leverages Bioject’s unique, patented pressure profile.
  • Indicated for both professional and patient self-injection.
  • Polycarbonate syringe provides exceptional strength, clarity and heat resistance.
  • Reliable stainless steel inner core enhances durability in rough environments.

*Please call for availability of ID syringe.

Unique Auto-disable Syringe

The single-use polycarbonate syringe has a unique “auto-disable” feature that dramatically reduces the risks of both the spread of disease from accidental needle-stick injuries and the re-use of a syringe or needle and prevents possible contamination of syringes and vials. Once an injection is given, the plunger disables and can not be re-used.

The plunger is pre-assembled into the syringe and can be used for reconstitution and other pre-injection tasks.

Energy Source

The ZetaJet™ is self powered by a spring and is ideal for use in mass immunization programs world-wide.

Easy to Use

The ZetaJet™ is designed to deliver injections fast and easy. Just follow these simple steps (for full instructions, see ZetaJet™ Instruction Manual):

  1. Draw medication into the syringe (if you are unsure of which syringe to choose, check the Guide to Selection and Use of Zetajet™ Syringes, or call 208 830 5448)).
  2. Insert the syringe into the ZetaJet™.
  3. Using firm pressure at the injection site, hold the injector at a 90° angle.

Product Specifications

  • Size: 6.5 inches (16.5 cm).
  • Weight: 16 ounces (450 grams).
  • Operation Temperature Range: 60°-100°F (14°-38° C).
  • Power Source: Spring.
  • Syringe/Actuator Interlock: Yes.
  • Warranty: One year or 15,000 shots, whichever comes first.
  • Injection Depths: Intramuscular and subcutaneous.