Needle-Free Vial Adapter

Our Needle-Free Vial Adapter and Drug Reconstitution System is a plastic device with a polycarbonate spike that fits on most vials and replaces a fill needle for either withdrawing medication from vials or reconstituting lyophilized medications, thus making syringe filling of any of our devices completely needle-free.


  • Used to draw up liquid medication and reconstitute lyophilized powders.
  • Has a compact polycarbonate spike design to work without a needle.
  • Fits most single and multi-dose medication vials worldwide.
  • Provided with every B2000 and ZetaJet needle-free syringe.
  • Available for 13mm and 20mm vials.


  • Eliminates sharps waste disposal.
  • Leverages state-of-the-art technology.
  • Reduces risks associated with needle-based syringe filling, such as needle-stick injuries, cross-contamination and technique-dependent reconstitution.
  • Special multiple port adapters allow for reconstituted injectate to run down sides of vial, thereby potentially reducing foaming.