iHealthNet Bangladesh Limited at Meditex Bangladesh 2014

ihealthnet bangladesh limited at meditex bangladesh 2014Like every year, Meditex Bangladesh 2014 took place in the Bangabandhu International Conference Centre between May 8 to May 10, where the participants were from China, USA, India, Korea, Japan and many other countries including Bangladesh.
iHealthNet Bangladesh Limited was an active participant among all the medical equipment and accessory suppliers which promoted its products as the most happening and latest of all the available of medical devices. Their devices are FDA cleared, CE marked and WHO approved. Attendees of BICC were attracted to iHealthNet’s needle-free injection technology (NFIT) promoting handheld devices like the Biojector®2000 and ZetaJet™ which are able to deliver intramuscular, intradermal and sub-cuteneous injections almost without any pain. During this event, iHealthNet received a tremendous amount of response from individuals and institutions (hospital owners, clinicians and doctors) who were both educated on the use of the devices and cost of application.