What our client say:

“It is a new innovative injectable device and Ibrahim Cardiac would like to be first user in Bangladesh as we have been convinced after verifying the same.”

- Prof. Dr. M.A Rashid, CEO, Ibrahim Cardiac Hospital & Research Institute, Bangladesh

“Very good, surely very useful.”

- Prof. A.T.M. Khalilur Rahman, Professor & Head, National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute, Bangladesh

“Workable way of injecting Biojector®2000 and ZetaJet™. Number one issue would be to make patients understand the ‘no-fear’ factor and ‘ease-of-use’”.

-Mahbubul Alam, Director, Japan Bangladesh Friendship Hospital (JBFH)

”It’s an excellent device for injecting subcutaneous, Intradermal and Intramuscular procedures. As shown in demonstration it would very easier for vaccination children and even adults of different thickness of skin. It could be more acceptable for Diabetic patients. Truly I appreciate the device.”

-Dr. Dabir Uddin Ahmed, Director Clinical Operation, United Hospital Limited, Bangladesh

“Quite amazing device. Can be a good tool for vaccination and insulin users.”

-Dr. Salauddin Ahmed, Director Allicary Service, United Hospital Limited, Bangladesh

“Amazing devices. Very good for vaccination for both children and adults. Although a bit expensive for personal users. Hospitals and clinics can use both devices for IM, SC and ID. Diabetic patients will be very much benefited by these devices. Thanks to iHealthNet.”

-Selim Talukder, Director, Women’s and Children Hospital Ltd, Bangladesh

“Great potential for Anesthesia and Analgesia for our patients. But for Bangladesh very large percentage of our patients are Diabetic. So if it can be used for insulin that would be great. This free from risk of contamination as it is needle-free.”

-Dr. Haroon Rasheed, Associate Professor, National Heart Foundation Hospital & Research Institute Bangladesh

“We find Biojector 2000 very simple to learn to use, not complicated and very sturdy. We do not hesitate to recommend the device for needle-less immunization of the experiment animals.”

-Prof. Ranga Uday Kumar, Professor and Scientist, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR)